Who I Am

Gary Kaskowitz, MBA, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Management at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. He is the author of Brand It Like Barack! How Barack Obama sold himself to America and what you can learn from this (ISBN: 978-1608445318).

Gary’s research and teaching focus on marketing principles, both classic and modern. Gary has developed and taught college courses on marketing management, strategic marketing, consumer behavior, market research, personal sales, storytelling and branding, and the morality of marketing. His published research includes the use of strategic and tactical marketing for small business enterprises as well as the use of involvement in gaining trust on a website. He has also done research on how different moral philosophies impact the choices marketers and managers make.

Gary has consulted for both For-Profit and Not-For-Profit organizations with an emphasis on understanding human motivation.  He has worked with numerous organizations helping them better define their brands and use strategic marketing principles to acquire additional revenue and support.  Always fascinated by why people make the purchase choices they make, he has spent over twenty years studying and teaching the use of emotional marketing techniques and how we can both understand and protect ourselves from them.

Gary has a BS in Computer Engineering from University of Illinois, an MBA from Averett College, and a MA and PhD in Measurement and Statistics from University of Maryland. Gary is a member of the American Marketing Association and the Marketing Sciences Institute.  His current work includes the use of archetypes, symbolism, and storytelling to create powerful brands as well as other aspects of consumer psychology.


In addition to teaching and writing, Gary is a sought-after speaker.  He has conducted over seventy radio, newspaper, and television interviews and was selected by the Moravian College class of 2010 to deliver that year’s commencement address.  Gary is also the host of a weekly radio show (Marketing 4.0 on webtalkradio.net) and is the President of Sunrise Toastmasters in Allentown, PA.

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