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And now, a word from our sponsor!!!  Remember those words?  Don’t hear them too much anymore.  It usually means that whatever you are watching/listening to (and I suppose by definition, interested in) is about to be interrupted.  So, what do we do when we hear these words?  Tune out!!

I will get back to the Superbowl ads and what small business owners can learn from them real soon.  First though I wanted to just post a quick blog about something I observed the other day.  It’s almost registration time at the college I work at.  Soon, all returning students will be talking with advisors to choose courses and majors.  This is traditionally a very busy time for both students and faculty.  In order to better prepare for this we (i.e., the faculty) tend to talk to each other about interesting courses that are coming up and who and how these might benefit.  So, it just so happens that a couple of days ago I was talking with my colleagues in History.

My thoughts on History:  Part I

Now, you may be asking, what does business have to do with history?  A LOT!  Here’s how I see the world, so I thought I would just share this with you briefly so you better understand my perspective.  You see, I firmly believe that to succeed in business you have to have context and perspective.  Far too many of us go through our day-to-day lives focusing on the immediate.  Now while I’m not advocating ignoring the immediate (in fact, that would be downright stupid), I do suggest that we also spend some time thinking about our context (i.e., the environment we find ourselves in) and understanding how today’s actions can/will lead to tomorrow’s outcomes.

One of the things I love about history is that we have so many case studies of this in practice.  Instead of us having to wait weeks, months, or years to find out what our current actions might lead to; we can study how others have approached problems in the past and what outcomes those decisions and actions led to.  Of course, this is all for nought if we don’t understand the context we’re in.  But, if you study history you will see that it’s comprised of a bunch of decisions and actions made by people operating within an environment.  Hello!  Isn’t that what we do in business every day?  I think so.

That’s why I like to use this forum to give you my perspective on marketing and what works and what doesn’t.  I try to apply context and perspective to everything I do, because even though the temptation is to just “do something” and make an immediate decision; you should always endeavor to understand the “why?”  So, go ahead and make decisions.  But make them smart ones.  And the best way to make smart decisions is to see if/what has already been shown to work or not work, learn from somebody else’s history if you will; and then take immediate action based upon what you’ve learned (kind of like market research — another topic for another time).

Anyway, I just wanted to share because this was on my mind.  And now, back to our original programming!……

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